gaming issue in le s3
Product name: Le S3 Le S3
EUI Version: us_5.8.021S us_5.8.021S
Status: In progressing In progressing
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  • maxjohn821
    I recently bought two le s3. And I am on 5.8.021s version .
    There are performance issues in le s3 in gaming the games are lagging in it .Most of the titles like asphalt 8 ,Nova 3 and dead trigger 2,God fire 3 ,marvel future fight and sometimes even the subway surfers ,and many more are lagging at several occasions ,I really didn't knew why but on investigating through many apps which monitor CPU and GPU eg simple CPU monitor app ,I got to know both CPU and GPU are not working at full level even when it is needed ,it is being underclocked heavily and GPU most of times run at 480 and 432 MHZ even when the games are lagging so much , and only two A72 cores run at a time and two are switched off always .

    But when I run benchmarks like antutu and geekbench 4 it says it has entered high performance mode and suddenly the frequency of GPU goes to 600 MHZ and CPU frequency to 1804mhz and uses it's all resources available until the benchmarks are stopped no matter if it is draining battery or it is heating . Why is this high performance mode is available for games which really need it.

    Is high performance mode only for benchmarks app to fool people that device performance is awesome but real life scenarios like gaming it fails to run them smoothly because of heavy aggressive throttling.

    And please don't tell me to clear cache and reset and hard reset because I am not a noob and know these things and already tried them and don't also tell me your unit has issue bcoz I am a expert on testing and tested many le s3 and le 2 Indian varient also before reporting this

    And I have two le s3 both have same issues and used many le s3 they have same freaking issue or I say the software is programed to throttle and restricted the hardware so even if you put Snapdragon 835 with poor software ,it would also give the same result.

    So as I told you have two Le S3 one for daily purpose and on the other I tried eui 5.9.023s Chinese rom to know whether it would be fixed in future updates but no, there is a app accelerator option in phone manager but it also doesn't fix it and I tested that also then only telling ,
    It says apps under this app accelerator will run the system at high performance mode but no it won't ,on opening that app which i turned on in app accelerator it does not flash high erformance mode entered like it says in benchmark apps and also doesn't do anything and real high performance mode is still there for benchmarks app but not for games .

    After installing that Chinese rom that it is not going to be solved in near future updates till you really fix it with your Research and development teams' intelligence.

    I don't know what I should do with the benchmark score as it will not translate in real life scenarios like gaming

    I just wanted to inform you about that the next update will not solve anything so please do something and make high performance mode available in the setting properly
    Please fix it

    The only reason for me to explain this in these huge details because I think us support is quite good and will really do something to fix it.
    2017-04-10 15:07:00
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