MMS Download Failure (System Update)
Product name: Le S3 Le S3
EUI Version: us_5.8.020S us_5.8.020S
Status: In progressing In progressing
Probability: systematic 100% systematic 100%
My comments
  • JefferyJayLynnWilliams

    I was told there was a system update being released today, but there was not a system update released for me today. My *System Update--> states that I am currently up to date. My phone's last up date was 12/16/2016. The current version is 5.8.020S (Stable release).

    I will look to receive further instructions and some help from someone on the engineering team. I really need this issue resolved sooner rather than later.

    Thanks for your help.
    2017-02-23 01:06:07
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