USB audio support
Product name: Le Pro3 Le Pro3
EUI Version: us_5.8.021S us_5.8.021S
Status: In progressing In progressing
Probability: not reproduceable not reproduceable
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  • Athan
    No actual issue, just wanted to share something that I thought was interesting. Since you guys removed the headphone jack, I needed to use an audio out as well as a usb midi keyboard so: I used a usb type-c to usb 3 adapter and plugged in a usb 3 hub (by Unitek). I plugged in the cheapest usb card that Radioshack had (Gigaware, bought years ago) and the phone recognized it as a sound card right away (auto enabling CDLA), then I plugged in a midi keyboard on the usb hub and everything worked. Bottom line, the phone sends audio out even if its a usb 3 card not just your usb type-c adapter. I think its a very useful information for people that still need that headphone out. Almost any USB card will work this way. For the future, maybe you could produce a usb hub/splitter (from usb type-c to headphone out, usb type-c, usb 3), I know I would buy it ;)
    2017-04-19 13:28:31
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