Audio Delay - Not Sync Issue
Product name: uMax85 uMax85
EUI Version: us_5.0.051S us_5.0.051S
Status: Resolved Resolved
Probability: systematic 100% systematic 100%
My comments
  • tpdugan
    Feeding uMax85 from TiVo BOLT via HDMI1 and optical output from uMax85 to Bose CINEMATE® 1 SR system. After a pause, or any other interruption of signal, video is immediate but there is about a 2 second quiet period before audio returns. Sync is OK, just have to briefly read lips. This doesn't happen when using TV speaker, only with external speaker. Happens 100% of the time with HDMI input. Does not happen with installed uMax85 apps (Netflix).
    2017-03-19 10:06:00
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