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  • jkarle13
    My main complaint is with the google play music app. The issue is that it completely stops working after one session. Anytime I leave the app it disappears from my screen entirely. I can not reinstall it, it is still labeled as downloaded on the play store, and technically it is running on my television through the settings screen. If I attempt to access it (settings -> downloaded apps -> running apps) in this backwards way, it offers up an impossible to use version of the google play music screen before freezing up entirely. Not to overstate it, but one of the main reasons I purchased this was to stream music and losing the ability is quite distressing. I do not know if this is a software issue that can be fixed through some future firmware update or if the problem stems from my television itself, but it simply does need to work.

    And while this situation occurs most severely with the Music App - there have been an overwhelming number of instances where youtube and multiple other apps crashed or simply disappeared from the screen until I restart. At times certain programs won't even appear, and the flickering that occurs whenever I use the android tv is at times nearly unbearable.

    I have contacted lemall, and they told me to clear the cache, clear practically everything, then do a factory reset and reinstall. I have done this five times in the few weeks I have had this set. It is simply not a viable long term option.

    I want this to work, I think the aggressive stance of the company is commendable and it's attempt to balance price/quality is obviously quite appealing. Unfortunately, there are so many issues occurring it has become simply impossible to recommend LeEco, and while I understand this is practically a beta experience, if it can't be fixed I'll need to return the set. And though everyone I have talked to about these issues has been prompt in their response, if all they can offer are basically useless solutions and empty apologies this experience will have become a fully negative one.

    Thank you for listening.

    All the best,

    PS- To be clear, I have the most recent system update.
    2017-02-11 00:57:08
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