Super4 X-43 not showing all Digital Channels says "No Signal"
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  • melvz1976
    I have a free cable from the wall outlet courtesy of my 12 month apartment lease, It doesn't need a cable box as I can watched all of the channels (analog and HD) on my old Craig 17in" HDtv.
    The Super4 X-43 does scanned all the channels and I can watched the Channel Numbers 100 and below but had trouble accessing Digital Channel Numbers 100 and above it says "no signal" when I tried to test/watch the channels. I scanned a total of 147 channels (110 digital and 37 analog), some channels that I can watched on the X43 have dashes (2-1, 5-1, 7-1 and so on) which I read means the TV has a QAM tuner.
    I already tried plugging on and off the wall both power and cable, switching new cable wires and plugging it in the other cable outlet for no avail but my other old TV does work on both outlet. I tried also updating and doing factory reset but still have the same issue. Does all Super4 TV's need to activate the Qam Tuner like the Westinghouse TV's or The QAM tuner on all Super4's are all cheaply made that is why the TV only shows half the channel. See uploaded images for the complete channel listing for more info.

    Thank you very much!
    2017-01-15 08:49:23
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