Settings UI is Terrible when adjusting Picture
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EUI Version: us_5.0.052S us_5.0.052S
Status: In progressing In progressing
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  • DimitriGatsiopoulos
    First of all, my System Version is 5.8.055S. It did not have this option to select.

    Second, I had posted this in the Forums and it didn't get resolved with this latest update. The UI when adjusting Picture Settings is terrible. It casts a black to transparent gradient across the screen. Since the update it got even worse and larger. See the pictures for reference. This background makes it difficult to adjust color and contrast or any other setting because you can not see what is being changed. I use a Calibration Blu Ray and Calibration Software that comes with my Xbox One S to adjust these settings and they are useless because of the UI. This needs to be changed!!!!

    Look at how dark and how much of the picture gets covered up from the Settings UI. I can not even adjust anything because I cant see the picture!
    2017-04-14 09:38:36
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