Low Ringtone/Notification Volume on phone speaker and bluetooth speaker unit.
Product name: Le Pro3 Le Pro3
EUI Version: us_5.8.019S us_5.8.019S
Status: System auto closed System auto closed
Probability: systematic 100% systematic 100%
My comments
  • tommyluong
    When the Pro 3 is connected to a bluetooth device the phone's ringtone/notification volume becomes lower. Not as loud and punchy.

    The ringtone/notification volume on the bluetooth unit's speaker is also not loud. Setting is maxed out.

    Tested using Lemall EB30A Headset and car factory bluetooth headunit which worked well with other phones. I've also tested using two seperate Pro 3 phones. Please look into this issue and push out update.
    2016-12-02 06:49:57
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